Beating the Heat in August-Tips to Help You Survive!

Beating the Heat in August-Tips to Help You Survive!

As the dog days of summer stretch endlessly through August, it’s a great time to remind ourselves of some tips to not only survive, but to beat the heat for the rest of summer!

If you are anything like me, you might not have been blessed with a green-thumb. It seems no matter how hard I try, by August the bugs, slugs, and brown spots begin to emerge around my patio.

No one wants to spend their weekends in lawn-care triage, so let’s discuss some tips and tricks to wrapping up the end of summer with a green star! 

Lawn Repair Tips

  • Spot Seeding will help control dying areas from spreading.

  • Re-Fertilize – You’ll want to consider a nitrogen-based fertilizer to promote healthy soil.

  • Watch your watering. 

Bug Tips

There is nothing worse that fighting mosquitos. Reduce Mosquitos in Your Yard Tips

  • Keep the grass cut and hedges trimmed.

  • Install an outdoor fan.

  • Replace lightbulbs with yellow bug lights.

  • Remove any standing water.

Did you now that coffee grounds can repel slugs and snails from your garden as well? And plants love the extra boost! 

Build a Mosquito Trap

  • Cut a bottle in half and flip one of the cut halves upside down.

  • Tuck the other half into the lower half of the bottle.

  • Boil one cup of sugar and one cup of water, then add two cups of cool water to the mixture.

  • Let the mixture cool to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Add in a teaspoon of active, dry yeast to the mixture.

  • Pour the mixture into the trap.

  • Secure the trap with tape.


Drought Tips

  • Water in several short sessions.

  • Water in very early morning hours or very late evening. 

  • Check moisture levels with a soil probe to minimize unnecessary watering.

  • Lawns typically only need 1 inch of water per week.

  • Deadhead your flowers.

  • In the case of extreme drought, sacrifice your lawn to save the trees and shrubs.

Well, while we might not all have a green-thumb, we do hope these end-of-summer yard tips will help you beat those end of summer irritations. 

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